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conspiracy unlimited podcast 82

082 Covert Technology Test Pilot : A Survivor of Psychotronic Weapons Speaks Out

Richard Syrett speaks with a victim of psychotronic mind control weapons. She discusses the latest technology being used to hack the human mind.

GUEST: Solaris BlueRaven is a Published Author, Public Speaker, Timeline Astrologer, MT Healer, Remote Viewer, Clairvoyant and an assessment specialist in psychotronic warfare, synthetic telepathy and covert technology. She is a World Class natural psychic and cosmic advisor. Ms. BlueRaven has been a test pilot for covert technology and has a professional background in surveillance.

She investigates global anomalies in addition to her current research.  Her expertise in Artificial Intelligence interface is well respected in the scientific and mystical community. She is a professional writer with several books on covert technology, artificial intelligence and psychotronic warfare: One Million Miles ‘Til Midnight: Between the Mirror and the Lens and Eye of the Remote: Black Operations in Areas Beyond 52.