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conspiracy unlimited podcast 039

039 Inoculated: An Attorney and Parent of a Severely Autistic Daughter Warns of the Dangerous Connection Between Autism and the MMR Vaccine

Richard Syrett speaks with a science teacher, attorney and the father of an autistic child takes on big pharma, the medical establishment, the mainstream media, and government to draw attention to the dangers of the MMR vaccine and a possible link to autism.

GUEST: Kent Heckenlively is an attorney, science teacher, author, and father of a daughter with autism. He is a founding contributing editor of the website Age of Autism and his work can regularly be found on The Bolen Report. In 2017 he was banned for three years from traveling to Australia for a planned lecture series on corruption at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). In 2018, his articles at The Bolen Report are regularly shadow-banned by Facebook, so we can only imagine what kind of trouble he’s going to get into as the year progresses. He is the author of several books including Plague The Book.