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conspiracy unlimited podcast 53

053 The Pope Says Hell Is Not Real: A Biblical Scholar Reaffirms the Existence of Hell and Describes What It’s Like and Where It May Be Located

Richard Syrett speaks with a best-selling author, Bible scholar and Evangelical Pastor to discuss Pope Francis’ recent comments which seem to suggest he does not believe in the existence of Hell.  Richard’s guest reaffirms Hell ‘s existence and describes what Hell might look like, where it may be located, who goes there and what their final fate might be.

GUEST: Carl Gallups is the long-time Senior Pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church. Additionally, he is a best-selling author, conference leader, evangelist, and Christian media icon. Carl is one of the founders of video teaching material to the world famous PPSIMMONS YouTube ministry and Biblical apologetics channel. He is a graduate of Florida State University and The New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  He is the author of The Rabbi Who Found Messiah, Final Warning, Be Thou Prepared, When the Lion Roars, and Gods and Thrones.