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conspiracy unlimited podcast 47

047 The Shroud of Turin: A Scientific Analysis of Christianity’s Most Important Relic

Richard Syrett welcomes a retired professor of biology who reviews the latest scientific research of the ancient piece of linen cloth reported to be the burial shroud of Jesus Christ.  Was the Carbon-14 test that placed the Shroud somewhere in the 13th century flawed?  Does the image on the Shroud contain evidence of some kind of ‘resurrection’ event?

GUEST: Gary Chiang received his Ph.D. in Invertebrate Neurobiology from the U. of T. in 1982, and presently studies reproductive physiology in blood-sucking insects. Besides his teaching and research in biology, he is a biology professor at Redeemer University College in Hamilton, Ontario.   He is the Director of the Arthur Custance Centre for Science and Christianity, which explores the relationship between Science and Scripture.  He is the author of  The Holy Shroud of Turin: A Genuine Artifact of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.