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conspiracy unlimited podcast 55

055 Magick and the Occult: The Founder of a Pagan Temple Discusses the Work of Aleister Crowley

Richard Syrett speaks with a dedicated occultist and practicing magician about ceremonial and ritual magick, the pagan religion, and the life and times of Aleister Crowley.

GUEST:  Frater Archeus A ‘discipulus veneficus’ all of his adult life, Most Honoured Frater Archeus is the founder and current Magister of the Order of the Temple of Archallem (OTA), a practising ceremonial lodge and initiatory society located in London, Ontario.  Fr. Archeus was also a founding member of The London Pagan Temple and has chaired several significant Pagan conventions.  A practising magician as well as a dedicated occultist, Fr. Archeus has written and contributed to rituals in various traditions and capacities. He was initiated into the craft on the full moon of Friday, October 13, 2000.  He maintains relationships with his own Masonic Blue Lodge and other established Pagan organizations, including the Wiccan Church of Canada in Toronto and Hamilton and the Ordo Templi Orientis worldwide.