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conspiracy unlimited podcast 66

066 Cherokee Little People: The Archaeological, Anthropological, and Eye-Witness Evidence

Richard Syrett speaks with an author/researcher about evidence that several races of little people inhabited pre- Columbian North America and may still dwell among us. She reveals conversations with former construction workers who discovered networks of tiny, square-cut tunnels and skeletal remains while working on an expansion of Western Carolina University in the 1940s.

GUEST: Mary A. Joyce has worked for two major metropolitan area newspapers as a writer, columnist, artist, Sunday magazine editor and feature editor. On the side, she’s written magazine articles and a number of books. Currently, she is editor of the Sky Ships over Cashiers website which features cutting-edge topics.  Her career includes working for a Fortune 100 company coordinating art and printing for talking children’s books. In that capacity, she worked directly with many creative teams including those at Marvel Comics, Golden Books, Mr. Rogers, Berenstain Bears and Steven Spielberg’s “ET” book staff.

She is the author of  Underground Military Bases Hidden in North Carolina Mountains , Cherokee Little People Were Real, and Tangible Evidence of Jesus Left Behind for Us.