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073 Sasquatch Glyphs – Does Bigfoot Communicate with Humans Using Symbols Fashioned out of Twigs, Stones and Leaves?

Richard Syrett speaks with a man in Maple Ridge British Columbia who says he is in communication with a clan of Bigfoot in the woods near his home.  He says they communicate with him telepathically and by fashioning twigs into three-dimensional symbols he calls glyphs.

GUEST: In the early spring of 2012, Brian Bland was walking his dogs along the Dykes in his hometown of Maple Ridge BC when he suddenly glanced up at the mountains. Something was calling him, and he knew he had to get up there. It was much more than a feeling and something he would grow familiar with in the ensuing years. What unfolded and continues to happen is a beautiful relationship with the Sasquatch People. They have given him insight into who they are and more importantly who he is, because it really becomes about yourself in many ways. Early on he discovered that they communicate with a form of stick writing called glyphs.


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029 Bigfoot in the Keystone State: Newspaper Accounts of Tall, Hairy, Bipedal Creatures Roaming and Rampaging in Pennsylvania

Richard Syrett welcomes an author/researcher who has collected newspaper reports about Bigfoot encounters in Pennsylvania from the 1830s through the 1920s.  The articles in this volume show that Bigfoot is not new, nor is it a phenomenon confined to the Northwest United States and Canada. Bigfoot creatures seem to have been roaming Pennsylvania for as long as anyone can remember. Herein are strange tales of wild-women abducting children; frightening wild-men slaughtering livestock; and giant gorillas roaming over the hills of Pennsylvania. Read about huge, bare footprints found in the snow and mud; ape-men attacking humans; and weird, hairy beings creeping across farm, field, and forest.

GUEST: Timothy Renner has written articles for several publications including Morbid Curiosity, Weird USA, and Weird Pennsylvania. His illustrations have appeared in fanzines, comics, magazines, books, and on many record covers. He plays and sings folk music with his band Stone Breath. To date, they have released twelve full length albums and multiple EPs. Timothy has studied various paranormal phenomena centered in South Central Pennsylvania – with a particular focus on the legend of Toad Road and the Seven Gates of Hell.