conspiracy unlimited podcast 64

064 Remote Viewing Experiment #2: Richard Attempts to Transcend Space and Time

In an ongoing series of Remote Viewing Experiments, Richard Syrett attempts to identify an object hidden from his view that is sitting on the desk of a world-famous intuitive, healer, and remote viewer.

GUEST: Douglas James Cottrell is best known as a trance clairvoyant. He is a spiritual healer, teacher, and published author who demonstrates many abilities studied by Noetic Sciences (the study of consciousness), including clairvoyance, telepathy, energy healing, remote viewing, prediction, and prophecy. He is one of a select few able to demonstrate all of these abilities and even fewer who are considered a reliable information source. He teaches people the world over about spiritual development through the practice of meditation and the application of spiritual principles in daily life.  He is the author of  Secrets of Life, The Compleat New Age Health Guide, The New Earth: A Prophetic View of Our Future, Gems of Wisdom and Conversations With The Akashic Field.

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