conspiracy unlimited podcast 46

046 JFK Assassination: Ten Proofs the 35th President Was the Victim of a Conspiracy

Richard Syrett welcomes a long-time JFK assassination researcher, broadcaster/writer who lays out his top ten compelling ‘facts/proofs’ that the JFK assassination was a conspiracy, including released files, first-person witnesses, and a confession.

GUEST: Brent Holland is a long time JFK Assassination Researcher and is the last person to ever interview Theodore “Ted” Sorenson, President John F. Kennedy’s trusted advisor, speechwriter, and friend, shortly before Sorenson died in 2010.  He’s also the author of JFK Assassination: From The Oval Office to Dealy Plaza.  He was the only Canadian invited to deliver a keynote speech in Dealy Plaza in Dallas commemorating the  50th Anniversary of JFK’s murder.  He is multi-award winning music composer for feature films and television.  Brent is the host of the radio program Night Fright – Paranormal Radio from Canada, and author of JFK Assassination: From the Oval Office to Dealey Plaza.

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