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conspiracy unlimited podcast 49

049 Street Psychic: Former Runaway Watched Over by Spirit of Jimi Hendrix

Richard Syrett welcomes a psychic/medium who ran away from home as a young teen and lived on the streets of Toronto.  She discusses how her psychic abilities help saved the lives of other street kids and her own.  She also reveals how the spirit of legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix watched over her and steered her away from heroin.

GUEST: Sloan Bella Born with psychic-mediumship abilities since birth, by the age of four Sloan learned to articulate nightly visits by otherworldly beings, “aliens,” and the spirits of those people who had crossed over. These communications went on throughout her childhood. This was how she began to develop her ability to act as a conduit and to speak the different frequencies that exist around us. Astrology was introduced to Sloan via a charm necklace from a cousin in England and, by age seven, her lifelong passion for astrology began.

By seventeen, Sloan was established as a professional psychic-medium, while deeply entrenched in the street music vibe. She did readings for everyone from Gregory Hines to Don Adams, as well as a large clientele which included street kids and runaways, teachers, musicians, businessmen, actors, strippers, Congressmen, housewives, athletes, and anyone who needed help. Sloan’s abilities at one point were even sought after by the head of a major crime family. Sloan was always connected to the other side.  One of the most unusual connections was her mediumship communication with the late Jimi Hendrix. He guided her and aided her work on the streets of Toronto and Hollywood, as a “street psychic” with intuitive guidance to runaway and sexually-exploited children.

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048 Wealth Inequity in America: How a Handful of Elites Profit through Corporate Welfare While the Majority of the Workforce Gets the Shaft

Richard Syrett welcomes an author and researcher who reveals  the extent to which US industry has been gutted, and wages and benefits reduced, thanks to disastrous trade deals, outsourcing, and the crippling of unions. While Americans have been trained to direct their scorn at welfare recipients and the poor in general, he says, a tiny handful of plutocratic elites have profited on an unfathomable scale through corporate welfare and other perks. Unimaginable salaries and bonuses for the One Percent, contrasted by layoffs and reduced pay for the majority of the workforce, along with increasing calls for austerity measures and lowered standards of living, has become the “new normal” in America.

GUEST: Donald Jeffries is the author of The Unreals, a novel lauded by the likes of multi-award winning author Alexander Theroux and Night at that the Museum screen writer R. Ben Garant, and the nonfiction book Hidden History.  His latest is called Survival of the Richest: How the Corruption of the Marketplace and the Disparity of Wealth Created the Greatest Conspiracy of All.

conspiracy unlimited podcast 47

047 The Shroud of Turin: A Scientific Analysis of Christianity’s Most Important Relic

Richard Syrett welcomes a retired professor of biology who reviews the latest scientific research of the ancient piece of linen cloth reported to be the burial shroud of Jesus Christ.  Was the Carbon-14 test that placed the Shroud somewhere in the 13th century flawed?  Does the image on the Shroud contain evidence of some kind of ‘resurrection’ event?

GUEST: Gary Chiang received his Ph.D. in Invertebrate Neurobiology from the U. of T. in 1982, and presently studies reproductive physiology in blood-sucking insects. Besides his teaching and research in biology, he is a biology professor at Redeemer University College in Hamilton, Ontario.   He is the Director of the Arthur Custance Centre for Science and Christianity, which explores the relationship between Science and Scripture.  He is the author of  The Holy Shroud of Turin: A Genuine Artifact of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

conspiracy unlimited podcast 46

046 JFK Assassination: Ten Proofs the 35th President Was the Victim of a Conspiracy

Richard Syrett welcomes a long-time JFK assassination researcher, broadcaster/writer who lays out his top ten compelling ‘facts/proofs’ that the JFK assassination was a conspiracy, including released files, first-person witnesses, and a confession.

GUEST: Brent Holland is a long time JFK Assassination Researcher and is the last person to ever interview Theodore “Ted” Sorenson, President John F. Kennedy’s trusted advisor, speechwriter, and friend, shortly before Sorenson died in 2010.  He’s also the author of JFK Assassination: From The Oval Office to Dealy Plaza.  He was the only Canadian invited to deliver a keynote speech in Dealy Plaza in Dallas commemorating the  50th Anniversary of JFK’s murder.  He is multi-award winning music composer for feature films and television.  Brent is the host of the radio program Night Fright – Paranormal Radio from Canada, and author of JFK Assassination: From the Oval Office to Dealey Plaza.

conspiracy unlimited podcast 45

045 Demonic Infestations: An Evangelical Exorcist’s Battle Against Dark Forces

Richard Syrett speaks with a pastor who describes several of the numerous exorcisms he has performed on people and buildings since graduating from theological school over fifty years ago.

GUEST:  Rev. Gordon Williams is a Spirit-filled evangelist, pastor, teacher, and writer who preaches the full Gospel and who operates in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  He has performed countless exorcisms on both individuals and buildings.

After graduating from Waterloo Luthern University (renamed Wilfrid Laurier University), Waterloo ON in 1964 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.A.), he graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, NJ in 1967. He was ordained by the United Church of Canada in 1967. He presently is ordained with the Evangelical Church Ministerial Fellowship of Canada and the Pentecostal Churches of Canada. He is the author of Victory Over the Kingdom of Darkness.

conspiracy unlimited podcast 44

044 Chemical Mind Control: The NAS’s Nefarious Chemical-Dosing Experiment to Force Compliance with Mass Migration Policies

Richard Syrett welcomes a veteran investigative journalist to discuss the National Academy of Sciences’ study of ways to force subjects to be friendly towards migrants.  The title of the study is, “Oxytocin-Enforced Norm Compliance Reduces Xenophobic Outgroup Rejection.”  The published study details a successful attempt at chemical mind control. The goal is making people more “happy and friendly” about mass migration, by changing their hormonal response toward migrants.

GUEST: Jon Rappoport has worked as an investigative reporter for 20 years and is the author of five books. He has written on medical fraud, deep politics, and health issues for newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe, including CBS Healthwatch, Spin, Stern and LA Weekly.The LA Weekly placed Jon’s name in nomination for a Pulitzer Prize, for his interview with the president of Salvador University, where a military takeover had occurred. Some of his books include AIDS Inc.: Scandal of the Century, The Ownership of All Life and The Secret Behind Secret Societies.

conspiracy unlimited podcast 43

043 Spirit Photography: a Brooklyn Artist Discusses Her Photographs of Ectoplasm, Spirit Orbs, and Other Paranormal Phenomena

Richard Syrett speaks with a professional photographer and journalist who first became aware of the paranormal as a teenager after a chilling experience with a medium. She’ll discuss her investigation into the American-born religion of Spiritualism which teaches that humans can communicate with spirits of the dead, and her experiments photographing the paranormal, and what may be invisible to the human eye.

GUEST: Shannon Taggart is a photographer based in Brooklyn, New York whose work blurs the line between art, anthropology and the paranormal. Her photographs have been exhibited and featured internationally, including within the publications TIME, New York Times Magazine, Discover, and Newsweek. From 2014 – 2016, she was Scholar and Artist-in-Residence at the Morbid Anatomy Museum in New York.  She is the author of SÉANCE: Spiritualist Ritual and the Search for Ectoplasm.

conspiracy unlimited podcast 042

042 Russia’s Nuclear Threat: Is Putin’s Enhanced Nuclear Arsenal Really Undetectable and Impossible to Defend Against?

Richard Syrett speaks to the publisher of an alternative news analysis service about Russia’s nuclear capabilities and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent unveiling of his country’s enhanced nuclear arsenal.

GUEST:  Joel Skousen is the publisher of the World Affairs Brief, a weekly news analysis service found at Mr. Skousen is a political scientist by training and speaks multiple foreign languages which he uses in accessing information here and abroad. He specializes in helping readers understand the hidden agenda of those that secretly control both political parties and the US government. He also has a second career as the Chief Designer at The Secure Home Design Group which specializes in helping people design and implement high-security residences and retreats. He has written several books in that field of security architecture: Strategic Relocation–North American Guide to Safe Places, The Secure Home, and How to Implement a High-Security Shelter in the Home. Joel was a fighter pilot for the Marine Corps during the Vietnam era.

conspiracy unlimited podcast 41

041 Secrets of Gravity: Unraveling the Paradox and How We Can Use It to Warp Space and Time

Richard Syrett speaks with a science writer with a Masters degree in Astrophysics about the glaring paradoxes surrounding gravitation, and his research into the forces of gravity, what creates it, as well as the possibility of using it to warp space and time.

GUEST: Marcus Chown is an award-winning writer and broadcaster. Formerly a radio astronomer at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, he is now cosmology consultant of the weekly science magazine New Scientist. His books include  Tweeting the Universe, The Afterglow of Creation, The Magic Furnace and The Universe Next Door.  Chown studied under Richard Fineman at the California Institute of Technology.

conspiracy unlimited podcast 40

040 The Pentagon’s Secret UFO Study: The Advanced Ariel Threat Identification Program

Richard Syrett speaks with one of Canada’s leading Ufologists about a secret study group inside the Pentagon that began studying the threat posed by UFO incursions into US airspace beginning in 2007.  The program, uncovered by the New York Times in December 2017, was headed by a military intelligence official from deep within the Pentagon.

GUEST: Victor Viggiani is a recently retired school Principal from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and Psychology (York University Toronto Ontario Canada) and a Masters in Educational Administration and Curriculum Development (Brock University, St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada).

Victor’s research and analysis of anomalous aerial phenomenon spans over 30 years. His experience involves UFO sightings report investigation, counseling work with individuals reporting anomalous experiences, presentations, and journalism in the field of ETI Disclosure issues.

conspiracy unlimited podcast 039

039 Inoculated: An Attorney and Parent of a Severely Autistic Daughter Warns of the Dangerous Connection Between Autism and the MMR Vaccine

Richard Syrett speaks with a science teacher, attorney and the father of an autistic child takes on big pharma, the medical establishment, the mainstream media, and government to draw attention to the dangers of the MMR vaccine and a possible link to autism.

GUEST: Kent Heckenlively is an attorney, science teacher, author, and father of a daughter with autism. He is a founding contributing editor of the website Age of Autism and his work can regularly be found on The Bolen Report. In 2017 he was banned for three years from traveling to Australia for a planned lecture series on corruption at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). In 2018, his articles at The Bolen Report are regularly shadow-banned by Facebook, so we can only imagine what kind of trouble he’s going to get into as the year progresses. He is the author of several books including Plague The Book.

conspiracy unlimited podcast 38

038 Demons, The Devil and Fallen Angels

Richard Syrett speaks with a writer who shares her research on Satan, evil spirits, and how the presence of dark angels continues to remain a part of our human experience. She’ll discuss the many faces of the devil, his minions, ominous deities, and the darker side of nature and ourselves.

GUEST: Marie Jones has been involved with the paranormal in one way or another for most of her life, which led to a fascination with quantum physics.  Marie is also a New Thought/Metaphysics minister and spiritual counselor. She holds a Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Studies and has also studied Wicca, goddess traditions, mythology and comparative religion. She worked as a field investigator for MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) in Los Angeles and San Diego in the 1980s and 1990s.  She is the author of  Demons, the Devil, and Fallen Angels, Mind Wars: A History of Mind Control, Surveillance, and Social Engineering by the Government, Media, and Secret Societies,  The Déjà vu Enigma and This Book Is From the Future.

conspiracy unlimited podcast 37

037 The Nephilim: Biblical Researcher Identifies First Human Woman to Marry the ‘Sons of Gods’ and Bear a Hybrid Child

Richard Syrett welcomes an author/researcher who provides an account of the Sons of God and Nephilim giants of Genesis 6. He’ll reveal how fallen angels were able to reproduce with human women, the exact location of the angelic arrival on Earth before the Flood, the identity of the first human woman to marry one of the fallen angels, and how the Nephilim were able to return to the Earth after the Flood.

GUEST: Ryan Pitterson is a Biblical researcher and writer with an emphasis in ancient Hebrew thought and theology.  He received his B.A. from the University of Rochester and his JD from Columbia University Law School. He is the author of Judgment of the Nephilim. He resides in the New York City area with his family.