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036 The Parkland, Florida Shooting: Why More Gun Control is Not the Answer

Richard Syrett speaks to a conservative blogger and political commentator about the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on February 14th.  They’ll discuss the manipulation and exploitation of students by the left, and the media, and what practical approaches beyond gun control measures can prevent yet another school shooting.

GUEST: Megan Barth is the founder and proprietor of and a nationally recognized political commentator.  She is a weekly co-host for WAR – The Wayne Allyn Root Show out of Las Vegas, NV and has appeared on Headline News CNN, NewsMax TV, One America News Network, The Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler, America Trends with Dr. Gina, The Blaze Radio, Lars Larson, Bill Cunningham,  and has regular weekly appearances on a variety of nationally syndicated radio shows.

One thought on “036 The Parkland, Florida Shooting: Why More Gun Control is Not the Answer

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