Conspiracy Unlimited podcast 21

021 Spontaneous Human Combustion: What Could Cause a Human To Suddenly and Inexplicably Explode in a Fireball?

Richard Syrett welcomes a researcher with a background in mechanical and electrical engineering to discuss one of the most bizarre and mysterious of all unexplained phenomena, Spontaneous Human Combustion.

Classic SHC cases are defined by the smoking, blistering, or burning of a person in the absence of a known identifiable nearby burn agent.  Another hallmark of SHC is that while the victim’s body burns almost entirely, the surrounding environment is largely unscathed.

GUEST: Larry Arnold was trained in the methodology of science with an undergraduate major in mechanical engineering. He later worked for the private-sector in electrical engineering. Larry developed a burgeoning fascination with human consciousness potential and undertook a new province of study: the unexplained.

In 1976 he founded ParaScience International. As director of PSI, he combines his scientific background with investigating and describing the intriguing world of forteana – those unconventional subjects and weird events that fail to find acceptance, let alone explanation, within the boundaries of today’s science. Larry is internationally recognized for his pioneering research in spontaneous human combustion. He is the author of Ablaze! The Mysterious Fires of Spontaneous Human Combustion.

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