conspiracy unlimited podcast 005

005 America And Israel: Will President Trump’s Recognition of Jerusalem as Capital Of Israel Forge a New Path To Peace or Set The Middle East On Fire?

Richard Syrett speaks with a best-selling author and expert on Biblical prophecy about U.S. President Donald Trump’s historic formal recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city.  Will the decision derail future peace talks between Israel and Palestinian Arabs?  What is at the root of the Israel-Arab conflict? What does the Bible say about Jerusalem and it’s place in End Times Prophecy?

GUEST: CARL GALLUPS  is the long-time Senior Pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church. He is the author of the bestseller, Gods and Thrones and When the Lion Roars. Additionally, he is a conference leader, evangelist, and Christian media icon. Carl is one of the founders of video teaching material to the world famous PPSIMMONS YouTube ministry and Biblical apologetics channel. He is a graduate of Florida State University and The New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

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